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Ready To Go!

After months of planning, we are back in the BVI getting ready to set sail for Maine. Ian and I have both completed a captain's course and a cpr/first aid course. We have had all emergency equipment updated and tested including life raft, EPIRB, and life vests with AIS transponders. The medical kit is stocked, provisions ordered and Whiffle is being serviced.

Conch Charters, where Whiffle is kept in the winter months, has been instrumental in helping us maintain and prepare Whiffle for our passage. Doyle British Virgins Islands has been incredible to work with in outfitting Whiffle with new cushions and canvas. And, of course, provisioning for a large crew and long passage would not be done easily without the services of Rite Way Food Market. Rosie's Catering is also supplying us with 10 nights of homemade casseroles to make our meals easy and delicious while underway.

After a haul out this week for bottom paint, folding props installation and general service at Soper's Hole Wharf and Marina, Whiffle is back in the water and ready to be loaded with gear and supplies. Our goal is to finish all preparations including safety briefing with our crew and review of night watch expectations by this evening so we can set sail at first light tomorrow morning. We will keep you posted as to whether we set sail or not in the morning!

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