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The First 48 Hours

We left the BVI on Saturday May 27 at 6 am, and as of this morning at 6 am we have sailed 328 NM. On Saturday we covered 167 NM and Sunday we traveled 161 NM. Our average boat speed has been 6.8 NMH. The weather has been beautiful with temperatures in the high 80's and wind speeds ranging 10-15 knots. The sea state has been relatively calm with 4-6 foot seas.

Our overnights have been uneventful with our first night marking only three cargo containers and some squalls as we sailed off the coast of Puerto Rico. Last night, sailing about 180 NM off the coast of the Dominican Republic, we marked nothing. In fact we have not seen another boat since Saturday. For me, it highlights the vastness of our oceans. It is rare to be in places on this earth with no others in sight. I am truly struck by the beauty of the ocean and the sense of peace and serenity that comes with it.

That said, I know Mother Nature can turn this peaceful existence into a challenging and frightening environment within minutes. The vastness of the ocean is also a reminder of how minuscule we are compared the forces of nature.

Thus far, Mother Nature has been kind to us. The crew has avoided any major seasickness as everyone acclimates to the 24 /7 rocking of the boat. Our days have been filled with fishing, game playing, sleeping, reading, and cooking. But more on all of that in future posts.

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May 29, 2023

It's fantastic to be able to follow along with you guys as you head back to Maine. I have passed this blog/website onto Julia and Jack and Diane. Stay safe and have fun.

May 29, 2023
Replying to

Thanks for following along. We are excited to bring our boat home for the summer!

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