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The Most Beautiful Place

Since the passage to Maine, we have spent the last two weekends enjoying Penobscot Bay. June in Maine can be beautiful, or in the case of this year, it can be a bit rainy, foggy and cool. Do not let that deter you from enjoying the coast of Maine. Sailing on Whiffle is delightful regardless of the weather, and she has plenty of cozy spots to stay warm and dry while enjoying the natural beauty of coastal Maine. This morning we were covered in a shroud of fog and walked along the shores of islands connected at low tide. Once aboard Whiffle, the fog lifted and the breeze piped up and we sailed under bright sunlight with strips of fog hovering over the water yet allowing the hills of Camden to be visible. As we left the Barred Islands I could not take my eyes off the beauty of the land dotting the bay. I know a picture would not begin to capture the magic of our coast, and even after decades of sailing in Maine I am astounded by the beauty of the state I call home. So, regardless of the weather, come aboard Whiffle and discover the natural wonder of Maine.

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