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What a Day!

We splashesd at 8 am in Soper's hole and had almost all crew and gear aboard. Whiffle headed for Road Town to change out rudder arms and to receive all new cushions and canvas to be fitted. Part of the crew worked on pulling wires to connect the new chart plotter from the helm to the nav station and to the new radar. New winches were installed by Ian and crew for the new spinnaker which resulted in some interior we-work (ie. ceiling in aft bunks needed some love). While Blair and Brian rewired the radar, Speedo and chart plotter, Emma and Carly finished winch installation, removal of old cushions, swamping out bilges, and general organizing and cleaning. My sister Joan and I did a final provisioning run and were on laundry duty. All provions were delivered and stowed. Despite the chaos, we ended the night watching the Celtics in game 5 vs the Heat.

Speaking of heat, our crew worked hard all day in 90 degree weather and 80 percent humidity. We are ready to go, and very appreciative of the loved ones aboard.

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